The Restaurant
While having meals in the veranda in front of the skiing pistes, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the resort. While they have lunch, parents will be able to see how their little ones progress.
By night, you will have a full view on the torchlight tattoo by the ski schools instructors while eating “fondues” and "raclettes" in a warm atmosphere.

For "skialcoholic", we offer fast-food ser-vices in the sunny pavement in front of the hotel.
  ... or inside with panoramic sight.
  Greedy pause in terrace, vis-a-vis with the tracks
Hôtel Restaurant LE TREMPLIN - place Sarrière 64440 GOURETTE Tél. 05 59 05 11 36 Fax : 05 59 05 15 13
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